Chronic Pain is Just a Symptom of Bigger Problems – Tell That to Your Doctor!

Pull my head off!

Pull my head off!



You’re hurting big time. The whole back of your head and both sides of your neck throb. It’s been going on – off and on –  for months. It always seems to get worse when you have to take Robbie to the ballgame or meet your friends for dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Here Are 5 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Neck Pain Right Now...

(Especially If You Can’t Sleep At Night Or You’re Facing Dangerous Surgery)


How did you get to this point? You went to the doctor. He ordered x-rays and a couple of blood tests. Maybe you’ll get a CT scan next. Just maybe… you’ll get a referral to a Pain Management Specialist. So far there’s nothing to say “this is the problem.”


But – for now – your doctor pulled out the prescription pad. Vicodin is the drug of choice. You don’t like it because it makes you dopey and nauseous. You’re afraid of addiction – just like one of your friends is and you don’t want to be that guy.


Frustration sets in… anger follows. “There must be an answer” you think to yourself. But your doctor can’t find it.


And that Pain Management Specialist – just more of the same. Except this time, the bills get bigger… much bigger. Again – no relief in sight.


You’re losing hope that you’ll ever get better. Feelings of hopelessness set in. You shy away from your friends because you’re just not up to it. Doug (your hubbie) is complaining that you are distant. Your marriage is going through a rough patch and it might get worse… like a trial separation.


At one time you were the world’s greatest parent – but not anymore. Sometimes, the pain is so overwhelming that you just need to lie down. Chauffeuring your kids around just isn’t going to happen some days.


It seems like your world is falling apart. And there’s no way to stop it.




I’m speaking from experience here. I’ve been through it all. I found the solution. It’s not that hard to do. And… it’s downright cheap compared to what doctors charge for their ineffective treatments.


And… you can do it all from your house.


Sounds too good to be true? Not really. To make it happen, you need to open your mind up to new possibilities. Take a chance on something new. Don’t take your doctor’s recommendation as “the word of God.”


It takes a leap of faith. It takes a lot of courage. You have to stand up for yourself and yell at the top of your lungs “I’m sick of being in pain and I’m not gonna take it anymore.”


Still reading? Congratulations! If you make it to the end of this article and follow the advice, I promise that your life will change.


We need to discuss how modern (Allopathic) medicine views and treats pain. Compare that to chronic pain treatment using natural (Holistic) medicine.


hard to drive




Just think about that for a minute. The doctor told you that the latest x-ray of your neck showed a bulging disc. Maybe some bone spurs.


He wants to order better imaging tests like an MRI or CT scan. So – let’s talk about MRI’s and CT’s. First of all, try to avoid CT scans at all costs. Why? CT’s use radiation… some CT’s will give you as much radiation in one exposure as 100 chest x-rays.


MRI’s are safer. They use magnetic fields instead of radiation. The problem is that these high tech tests often turn up surprising things and lead to overtreatment.


For example, if your MRI shows a herniated disc in your neck – that must be the reason for your pain. But – here’s the rub – you might have had that herniated disc for years without any pain.


In other words, just because something on an image looks bad, don’t assume it is causing the pain. More often than not, that’s the case.


Please realize that chronic pain is merely a symptom – a warning flag – it’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. You need a great detective to find out what that is. Most of the time, your doctor is not Sherlock Holmes. Not even close.


So, you’re a car. You’ve got a bad wheel. Let’s change it.They tell you that’s it’s just a two hour operation. Not so fast…


Here’s Part 2 of being a car: the lube, oil and filter change…


Except in place of lube and oil, you get meds. Pain meds. Anti-inflammatory meds. Muscle relaxants. And the list goes on and on. The relief they give is temporary at best.


And just like motor oil, you get fresh meds for months or years. That’s your maintenance.


The most important question NEVER GETS ANSWERED. That is: WHY AM I IN SO MUCH PAIN?




Let me answer that question right now. To be pain-free, you must be healthy. That means all of your bodily systems must be working properly. Allopathic medicine does not factor in many aspects of your lifestyle that help you stay healthy and happy. Holistic medicine is alternative medicine and looks at the entire person. It has a different view of what you need to be happy, sassy and pain-free.



chronic pain





  1. Hormonal Imbalances: Our stressed-out world throws our hormone levels out of balance. One of the better known hormones is Cortisol, made by the adrenal glands. A normal level of Cortisol is anti-inflammatory and necessary for the HPA Axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) to function normally. When you are subject to prolonged stress, the Cortisol level first becomes elevated, which is called stage 1 adrenal fatigue. As the condition progresses, Cortisol levels plummet during stage 3 adrenal fatigue. The result is low energy, fatigue, anxiety and chronic pain.


  1. Inflammatory Imbalances: Alternative Holistic medicine recognizes that inflammation is one of the root causes of almost all diseases. It often stems from following the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is loaded with highly processed junk foods. This diet is filled with carbs, sugar and unhealthy fats such as canola oil, soybean oil and safflower oil. The inflammation raises your pain level significantly and also causes weight gain and a general feeling of “ickiness.” It can be measured with a blood test called the C-Reactive Protein (CRP) test.


  1. Detoxification Imbalances: the world we live in is polluted to the hilt and causes great health issues. Conditions such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) are often caused by an overload of toxins. By this, we mean pesticides, herbicides (think Roundup – glyphosate), fungicides, mercury, lead, aluminum and cadmium. Did you know that every time you sink into your cushy new sofa, you are exposed to government mandated flame retardants that screw up your hormones?


The average American has a toxic load of over 800 chemicals by the time they reach their 50’s. Even newborn babies often have more than 50 toxins in their systems.


These toxins prevent enzyme processes needed for health from functioning correctly. The solution is to eat more organic food, drink filtered water, choose new furniture and carpeting wisely and try to clean some of these chemicals out of your body through detoxification.


Great supplements to help include Modified Citrus Pectin, Spirulina, Chlorella and Vitamin C.


  1. Structural Imbalances: we live in a sedentary world, spending many hours every day parked in front of a computer or camped out in front of the tv. This causes muscles to atrophy and become flaccid, tendons and ligaments to become stretched and just lead to the “couch potato” effect. Obesity is rampant in America… with more than one out of three (33%) affected. The key is to get up and move. If you have an office job, try to walk around the office at least once per hour. Gym memberships are not required. Stretching should be done daily. I have posted an easy-to-do stretching video that you can watch by clicking here.


  1. Immune system imbalances: the immune system fights off foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses and cancer. Yup – that’s right – your body produces an average of 10,000 cancer cells every day. A healthy immune system recognizes these abnormal cells and weeds them out. In other words, cancers grow when the immune system is weak.


Another wide-ranging aspect of immune system imbalances is autoimmunity. In plain english, this means your immune system can’t tell the difference between your cells and the foreign invaders. One pervasive autoimmune disease is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis… where your immune system attacks the thyroid gland and lowers the level of thyroid hormones.


Did you know that 80% of your immune system resides in your gut? By this, we mean the stomach, small intestines and the colon. A high quality probiotic with prebiotic components is a great way to help correct this problem.


  1. Mitochondrial dysfunction: mitochondria are the little factories in every cell that turn sugar into energy (Adenosine triphosphate, a.k.a. ATP). When these factories malfunction, cells die. People age rapidly. Disease sets in.


What causes damage to the mitochondria? Most often, it is pharmaceutical drugs. Polypharmacy is a recent phenomenon in our world. It simply means that patients take many drugs together with unpredictable results. In the 1970’s, it was typical for a patient to take up to 9 different drugs simultaneously. Today, that number has shockingly almost doubled to 15! There is no pharmacist or computer model on earth that can predict how so many drugs will interact. But – the result is predictable: widespread damage… especially to the mitochondria.


The popular cholesterol-lowering statin drugs (Crestor, Zocor, etc) poison these mitochondria… which often causes muscle pain and can lead to more serious conditions like Alzheimer’s.


  1. Digestion and Absorption imbalances: do you struggle with indigestion and heartburn every time you eat meat? This is a classic sign of low stomach acid, known as hypochlorhydria. Proper food digestion requires a fairly high level of acid in the stomach. As we age, this level tends to naturally fall.


Normally, the stomach lining is surrounded by a form of mucous to protect it from this acid. When the mucous dissolves since it is not needed (since your acid level is too low), you get heartburn. Often, acid lowering drugs available OTC are taken to lower the acid level even more and alleviate the heartburn. This is the wrong approach –  you need to raise stomach acid levels to improve digestion and alleviate heartburn!


Leaky-gut syndrome is another common issue. It means that the small intestine, where food nutrients are absorbed, has large holes that allows toxins to pass through it directly into the bloodstream. The result is immune system problems and increased pain levels.


  1. Toxic chemical exposure: how many times have you seen someone jogging next to a busy road? They are sucking in car exhaust as well as all the other toxins in the environment. This makes no sense whatsoever. Dentists are exposed to mercury from removing fillings. Welders are often exposed to cadmium and other heavy metals. The list is endless.


Opening your eyes and making informed choices about food, water, safe work conditions and even makeup (many contain high levels of lead) go a long way to help avoid these toxins. The Environmental Working Group has great advice on the subject (


  1. Toxic emotions (anger, resentment, fear, jealousy): an often overlooked facet of health is to be happy. If you are in an unhappy relationship or an abusive one – you need to fix it… pronto. Stress kills. Toxic emotions leads to toxic health. It takes courage to make the necessary changes, but it is absolutely necessary to live a happy, healthy, pain-free life.


>>>>>>>>>>>    How many of these 9 factors does your doctor think about when treating your chronic neck pain? Probably none… that’s why Allopathic medicine fails miserably most of the time in treating chronic pain.    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Now… get out there and change your life!


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Here Are 5 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Neck Pain Right Now...

(Especially If You Can’t Sleep At Night Or You’re Facing Dangerous Surgery)

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