Healty Diet

We have all heard the expression “you are what you eat.” And what most of us eat today is outrageously poor. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is made up of almost 50% highly processed foods which contain very little real nutrition and are loaded with chemical preservatives and additives.


For years, the USDA gave us advice to eat less meat, eat less fat, use less salt and eat more grains. We should embrace margarine, Canola Oil, low-fat milk and veggie burgers. The problem is that all of this advice is completely WRONG!




If you are suffering with chronic neck pain, having a good diet is critical to your recovery. No amount of supplements or stretching exercises will help much if your diet sucks.


That means you should limit or completely stop trips through the fast food drive-ins. Candy bar habits need to be changed. Are you living on salad greens like a rabbit thinking that it’s going to make you healthier and get rid of your neck pain? Forget about it!


Take a tour through your kitchen cupboards. Look for white sugar, white rice, white flour. Open the other cupboard...find the vegetable oil, Canola Oil, Peanut Oil, Soybean Oil or Safflower Oil.


Now, find the salt in your spice rack. Is it white salt with added Iodine? Pull it out.


Ok… now I want you to take all these things you just found and THROW THEM OUT. The bottom line is that all of these commonly used items contribute to chronic neck pain in one way or another.




Your body needs protein - which is why eating a rabbit food diet is not healthy. But, you need to eat certain proteins. Our program teaches you the difference between good and bad proteins.


Treating chronic neck pain requires you to eat a high fat diet. But, probably not the kind of fats your thinking of now. We have that covered.


As for carbs and sugar, well - take it easy on this stuff. We’ve got advice on that too.


Lastly, remember that low salt diet that your doctor probably still recommends. Forget about it. You need to eat salt - but it has to be the right kind of salt. And it’s not what you commonly find on the shelf of your local supermarket.


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