Now You Can Stop Your Neck Pain Naturally - Even If You’ve Tried Everything

I’ll show you step-by-step how to fix the real root causes behind your neck pain, especially if the pain is getting so bad that you’ve given up hope, can’t sleep at night, and your career or family life is starting to suffer...

If you’re like most of us suffering with chronic neck pain, you’re struggling to try to lead a normal life. The hurting may be so bad that it makes you feel like your world is closing in on you.

Pain is slowly stealing your life away. Maybe your marriage is suffering… or your social life.

You worry if you’ll be able to keep working - and money may become a big problem.

Your family doesn’t understand how you are suffering and sometimes think it’s just a reason to stay home.

Friends have gotten tired of the excuses and stopped calling.

You’re spouse and kids are ready to give up on you. They just don’t believe you’re hurting that bad .

Feelings of anxiety, depression and hopelessness are stuck in your head and it feels like you’re going crazy.

If you’re anything like me, when I was suffering from terrible neck pain I couldn’t sleep. I was lucky to get 1 maybe 2 hours of sleep before waking up in pain…

That’s where I can help. I’m Dr. Howard Lubin and I work exclusively with people that have chronic neck pain…

Most neck pain sufferers have been through the doctor mill.

Some are addicted to painkillers… many fear that their lives are ruined.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. I have worked with dozens of people who suffered from neck pain and now live happy, healthy, almost pain-free lives. Most say they never thought it would be possible to feel so good again.

And you can be like them too.

Working with chronic neck pain clients for 4 years, I have identified what works and what doesn’t work to get to the root cause of neck pain.

Keep reading, and I’ll show you exactly what to do to stop this “pain hell” and get your life back.

For starters, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Here Are 4 Strategies That Never Work,
But People Keep Trying Them Anyway…

Which of these ideas are you trying right now?

1. Painkillers or Injections:

Most of the people I work with share a common story - they have been to many doctors and have yet to find someone that can fix their issues. They have spent a great deal of time and money going through medications and treatment that had unacceptable side effects or didn’t work at all.

The only solution the doctors came up with is to keep using stronger and stronger pain-killers or injections… with no light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re anything like most of the people I work with, you’ve probably been prescribed everything from tylenol with codeine to vicodin or even oxycodone.

Beside the side effects, the heartbreaking part of this “treatment” is that it doesn’t actually help with anything related to the real reason you have the neck pain in the first place.

It’s more like putting a bandaid on it rather than addressing the real root causes that your neck hurts.

2. Surgery:

Traditional doctors LOVE to take “images” when their patients complain of pain. Usually, boat-loads of x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans are performed. The majority of the people I work with have a diagnosis of bone spurs, reduced intervertebral space or bulging discs.

The problem with this kind of diagnosis is that these conditions may have been there for years before the pain ever started. The only way to see if the anomaly on the image is causing pain is to compare an image before the pain started with the image taken after the pain started.

Honestly… how many times does that happen?  Almost never.

So the bottom line is: these types of diagnoses many times have little to do with the pain and instead, they have more in common with the location than anything else.  And doing surgery on these conditions to try to fix the neck pain can sometimes leave you with even more problems than you had before they cut.

This solution is many times misguided and surgery doesn’t address the real root causes of what’s making your neck hurt in the first place.

3. Treating the pain with hot and cold therapy:

People often face the hot and cold question: which one do I use first? Generally, the recommendation is to use cold for the first 24 - 48 hours to reduce swelling, then apply heat to loosen muscles and relieve stiffness. 

Some people will combine the hot and cold treatment with the use of stick -on patches that use menthol or menthol salicylate and may even contain lidocaine. Sometimes lidocaine is called Novacaine - and, yes, that’s the stuff your dentist uses to get you numb.

This never works because the heat, cold, menthol or lidocaine doesn’t penetrate deep enough into the neck to relieve inflammation. Some people leave the heat, ice or patches on for too long and damage their skin - adding injury to insult.

And at the end of the day, is it really a long term solution to be treating yourself with hot or cold for the rest of your life?

Instead, I like to focus on the real reason your neck is in pain and focus our attention there, rather than trying to numb the pain for a few hours.

4. Supplements:

This can be a great idea… if done properly. There are literally thousands of supplements available online. Most pain sufferers consult a friend or Google information to decide which supplement can best treat their pain.

Many of the people I work with have tried things like: curcumin, turmeric, MSM or multivitamins.

They simply are guessing at a solution. Without proper testing to get to the root cause of the pain, supplements are often ineffective. Lab tests may include hormone levels, stress markers, gut health and food allergy testing.

Going it alone… without the expertise of an experienced pain clinician… is like driving a car without going through driver’s ed… you’re probably going to crash.

Not only are you likely to fail, you may cause more problems. Or, you may give up on supplements because you do not know enough about them to try a different approach if your first attempt fails.

That’s why working with an experienced coach is a must if you want success.

Let’s talk about what you can do instead...

Here Are 3 Things You Can Do Today
To Ease Your Neck Pain…

1. Take Celadrin:

Living in pain changes you… especially when pain interferes with the daily demands of life. We will do anything to get rid of the pain - often by taking an over the counter pain pill or (even worse) an opioid. What happens next?

Sure, the pain goes away after a few minutes. But the side effects are unpleasant and possibly deadly. These include stomach upset, ulcers with chronic use, possible liver and kidney damage and grogginess. Not to mention addiction with the opioids.

Celadrin is a better pain solution. It is a blend of esterified fatty acids in a capsule. The best part of using Celadrin is that it has almost no side effects. It is effective for arthritis pain, knee pain, muscle pain and fibromyalgia… so it treats a wide variety of issues that chronic neck pain sufferers typically have.

Next time your neck starts to ache, try taking 1  - 2 capsules of Celadrin instead of ibuprofen, aleve, tylenol or your prescription pain killer.

But Remember: This is only a temporary aide to help you get some relief and help you sleep, but make sure you read numbers 2 and 3 to understand the full picture of where to go next once you’ve got a little bit of breathing room

2. Try this one-minute neck rotation exercise:

One of the most important ways to combat the conditions that lead to chronic pain is to keep your muscles at their optimal muscle length, or O.M.L. Every time you move your head, the neck muscles contract and shorten - then temporarily fix themselves in this shortened version by building bridges across the muscle fibers. To stop the pain you must stretch the muscles back to their original O.M.L. The following stretch not only restores your muscles to O.M.L., it lubricates the discs in your neck with cerebrospinal fluid.

Here’s how: Turn your head to the right so it is in line with your right shoulder. You will know that your neck has rotated 80 degrees if you can see behind you out of the corner of your eye. It is very important that you keep your upper body - especially your shoulders - motionless. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat to the left side and hold for 30 seconds.

Try to do this stretch first thing in the morning and in the evening every daily. If you have neck pain during the day, using this stretch may help relieve the suffering.

The bottom line is that you can do this stretch as many times each day as you feel the need to.

3. Fix the Real Root Cause Behind Your Neck Pain:

Use these 2 tips as a starting place on your path to naturally stopping your neck pain.  The most important thing you can do is to try them today and see how your neck feels over the next few days.

But this is the only beginning.  The truth is, there’s actually 7 common root causes for most people suffering from neck pain.

Here are the most common root causes:

  1. An imbalance of bacteria in the gut
  2. A lifestyle that promotes chronic inflammation
  3. Toxins overloading your system
  4. Lack of vitamins and minerals
  5. Tight, painful muscles
  6. Poor diet filled with carbohydrates, sugar and bad fats
  7. Stress that causes hormone imbalances

Unfortunately, these aren’t going to be quick fixes.  

But the good news is: when you address the root causes, you can actually get your life back, and live pain free again… for good.

Most clients I work with have from 3 - 5 of these root causes keeping them stuck in pain. In order to stop the vicious pain cycle and begin to heal, you MUST correct each of these or you will live in pain for the rest of your life. You will also sleep more soundly and feel much better overall.

Many of the root causes of neck pain are not obvious. For example, if your small intestine has a condition called “leaky gut”, this will greatly aggravate your pain as well as making your feel really bad most days. Our program is designed to do the detective work and get to the real cause of your pain… using a totally different method than your doctor employs.

Which of these root causes are making your neck hurt?

Here’s How to Fix The Root Cause
of Your Neck Pain Right Now

If you would like to get help identifying the root causes making your neck pain worse, the first step is to schedule a 30 minute FREE “Neck Pain Troubleshooting Session” with me. I’ll help you identify the #1 cause of your pain and give you some insight into easy tips you can use to help finally get some relief.

This is the first step I recommend to all my neck pain clients and the most critical. Once we know which causes we need to work on, you’ll finally have a plan to permanently stop your neck pain and help you sleep more soundly.

I’m excited to be able to work with you. Together, we’ll get you on the road to a better life.

Yours for less pain naturally,

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Dr. Howard Lubin and I treat clients with chronic neck pain and sleep issues. I’m a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, retired dentist, father and neck pain survivor. At my worst, I spent 18 hours a day in bed sucking on Tylenol after being told there was nothing more that could be done for me. Add in the 6 neck operations I had - that did nothing to help - and I was at the end of my rope.

Fast forward to today… I am almost pain-free, happy, healthy and enjoying life again!

I discovered Holistic Medicine and now have added in functional medicine that gets to the root causes of the “pain hell” so many neck pain patients are afflicted with.

I have been in practice for 4 years and worked with dozens of clients to make their neck pain history and get them back to living happy, productive lives. I live in the shadow of Lambeau Field by the frozen tundra of Green Bay, Wisconsin with my girlfriend Lauri and beloved dogs, Abby and Oscar.

What Clients Are Saying About Their Results

Dear Howard,

This letter is meant to thank you. I have received great help from you. After all this time, I am glad to report that I am off all 5 of my medications and my average BP is 130/88. My average glucose is 117 and sometimes I get a 98 or 99. My cardiologist commended my A1C improvement. I am truly thankful for your having brought me into the natural medicine world. I am practically pain-free. My weight is 224 (down 70 pounds) which is not too bad. I am doing great and you were the starting point for the best part of my life.

Enrique M.

75 Years Old

If you are looking to feel better and improve your overall health, take the time and work with Howard. I came to Howard six months ago after watching him carefully help my wife deal with her allergies and improve her overall health. I saw first-hand the care and his attention to detail. It was easy to see that he took the time to get to know her and understand her goals and objectives. After some encouragement and seeing the results after a few months I decided to give it a try.

After 6 months on his program, I am no longer taking prescription medications to address my high triglycerides, my seasonal allergies are no longer an issue, my knee and overall joint pain is gone, I have lost 20 pounds, I have more energy and I just feel good! With all that success there is still room for improvement and Howard continues to works to understand and is always tweaking and making adjustments. I feel like I have a partner in this.
SO, if you are looking for a new approach, someone who has a high attention to detail and is genuinely invested in you improving your overall health, I highly recommend giving Howard a call.

Jeff K.

52 Years Old