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The second step in our program is to correct the vitamin and mineral deficiencies with natural supplements. However, these supplements can do much more. They can reduce inflammation and dampen down pain. Additionally, they are able to remove toxins and boost your immune system. The result is less pain and a healthier life


Do you think you’re in good shape? Eating a healthy diet? Drinking lots of water? If you are, let me just say “congratulations!” You would go to the top of the class. The rest of us will be envious.


But whether you’re one of the rare breed that actually tries to be healthy or the junk food junkies (like most of us), diet alone is often not enough to change our health. Why?




What does that mean? Modern farming practices have turned out lots of pretty looking apples, juicy steaks and picture perfect ears of corn. But much of that food has been altered by GMO practices or grown in the same soil year after year with the help of chemical fertilizers.


A study recently found that today’s food has about half of the nutritional value compared to food from the 1950’s. So even if you’re eating healthy you may not be getting enough to keep you healthy. More often than not, supplements are needed to make up the difference.


The water nowadays may look pure and clean. Once you start testing it, that changes in a hurry. Beside the chemicals we purposely dump in there like chlorine and fluoride, you can add insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, perchlorate (rocket fuel) and every drug that we poop and pee out. Even things like birth control pills, cocaine and antidepressants. Yup… it’s all in your water. Just imagine how that impacts your health. Don’t think that bottled water is better. First of all, the plastic bottle leaches chemicals into your precious overpriced water. And the standards for bottled water are no better than the stuff coming out of your tap. In fact, sometimes bottled water IS glorified tap water!





The only way to make up for vitamins and minerals lacking in your diet is with supplements. But you have to realize that these supplements can do much more.


When prescribed by an experienced Holistic Medicine Practitioner, they can be used to reduce inflammation, which is the number one cause of almost every health problem - especially neck pain.


Also, your immune system can be boosted to work better. This not only keeps you healthier but helps keep autoimmune diseases like arthritis in check.


Certain supplements work to detoxify those nasty chemicals we mentioned above. Without these toxins, all the chemical reactions your body needs to carry out run much better. We are able to find what toxins need to be removed by doing some diagnostic testing. Not only will you feel better, you’ll have less pain.


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