Staying Physically and Emotionally Balanced When You Have Cancer

A Guest Post from Scott Sanders of…   Most of us know someone who has battled cancer, yet when you become the person facing a cancer diagnosis, you may feel caught off guard and afraid of what the future holds. It’s called “battling” cancer for a reason—there’s no denying that cancer leaves you feeling […]

Hey… Who’s Up For A Seminar?

I’m going to have a workshop on Stress and Hormones – and how to get your life and health back. Please join me at the Ashwaubenon Public Library, 1060 Orlando Drive, Green Bay WI. The fun begins promptly at 5:30 pm and lasts until 7:00 pm. We’ll have a drawing for free prizes and special […]

woman rubbing neck

PEA: A Key to Natural Pain Relief (No… not that kind of PEA!)

  Pain and suffering have reached epidemic proportions in our country. More than 100,000,000 Americans experience chronic pain. Every year, enough pain pill prescriptions are written to medicate every man, women and child in the country for over a month.   According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), over 130 die every single […]

Pillows: The Good, Bad and Toxic

Little thought is usually given to pillows. It’s the last thing most people’s heads touch when going to bed. Is a pillow really necessary? What to look for in a pillow? Which pillow is best – especially for chronic neck pain sufferers?   We’ve got all the answers…   IS IT BEST TO SLEEP WITHOUT […]

Here Are 5 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Neck Pain Right Now...

(Especially If You Can’t Sleep At Night Or You’re Facing Dangerous Surgery)

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Learn 10 Little Known Interesting Facts About CBD

  It seems that everywhere one turns, there’s someone selling a CBD product. It is often talked about in the mainstream media – with stories of how awesome it is. They make it sound like CBD is a cure-all for whatever ails a person. But is this really true? The biggest worry among newbie CBD […]

Medical Marijuana

Kratom: Harmful Banned Substance or Safe Drug for Chronic Pain?

There has been lots of buzz about kratom lately. This botanical substance is often used to get people off hard drugs like heroin and opioids. Lately it has been labeled as potentially dangerous by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.   Why?   Because despite its effectiveness at curbing addiction to certain drugs – there […]

Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

Sumptuous Super Smoothie Helps Heal Pain

Most of us start the morning in a typically chaotic fashion. The kids need a stick of dynamite to get them out of bed and on time to school. The adults run around like headless chickens getting the kids ready and preparing for their day as best they can. The one thing that usually suffers […]

A Gross Tale: 9 Ways That Gut Bugs Cause Sickness and Pain

It’s a battle of good versus evil. Possibly a fight between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. Think of it as a death match between the weak and the strong. What on earth are we talking about? The battle going on inside the gut of every human being on the planet. This is no trivial […]