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Killer Neck Pain – Vitamin C May Be the Solution

It was ten o’clock at night. Janice knew that she needed to get some sleep. All day long, she sat in front of a computer at her law office and transcribes notes. The long hours of sitting and cranking her neck to one side have taken a toll. It used to be that the pain […]

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Chronic Neck Pain: Improving One’s Diet May Be the Solution

See if this sounds familiar: you’ve had off and on bouts on neck pain for the last year or two. You went to your doctor. He took x-rays in his office and told you everything looked fine.   You had a CT scan done. The radiologists’ report said you have a few bone spurs in […]

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Chronic Neck Pain: When Is It Time to See a Doctor?

  BY HOWARD  LUBIN THIS IS JUST A SMALL SNIPPET OF THE HELL I WENT THROUGH… I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was 15 years ago… Every time my heart beat, the back of my head and my neck throbbed. Damn, it took so long to fall asleep and now I’m […]

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Welcome to the Stop Neck Pain Naturally blog! If you suffer from chronic neck pain or have a loved one who is suffering, you’ll find valuable tips here. If you are a fellow neck pain sufferer and have found what works for you, please help others by adding to this blog. Here’s the tip of […]