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An easy to follow video guides you through a series of stretches. These exercises are designed to make the entire body more flexible and increase strength. Special emphasis is given to the neck region. The routine takes only 15 minutes each day and does not require any special equipment.

You are in pain. Hurting big time...maybe 24/7. Sleep is hard to come by… especially on the really bad nights. Who in the world wants to get up and exercise? You do!




Right about now, you probably have images in your head of stuffing yourself into the car… dragging yourself into the gym… and sweating up a storm. “Can I even do that?” you ask yourself.


The good news is yes, you can do it. But not at the gym. In the comfort of your own home. You can do it in your PJ’s in front of the TV.


Here’s the best part. You don’t need to spend any money on this. It’s all free. No Gym membership. No fancy and expensive exercise equipment. You don’t even need any weights or jump ropes. And all it takes is about 15 minutes a day.




First of all, by exercise we mean that you have to keep moving. If you work at a desk, try to get up every hour and take a coffee break (by the way, coffee is good for you too). The same deal goes for watching TV. Get off the sofa during your binge watching on Netflix and keep moving. Sitting for too long is deadly for your health.


Let’s talk about the exercises in this program. There are two parts… general exercises and neck exercises.


It’s important to stretch your entire body. Pain tends to travel from one problem area to other places. For example, back pain may contribute to neck pain. By gently stretching from head to toe, you maintain flexibility. You’ll also get stronger over time.


The last part of the exercises has specifically designed stretches to focus on your neck. Maybe you have chronic stiffness. Or there’s that one spot where the pain just never quite seems to go away. By doing these neck stretches, you may eliminate neck pain, stiffness, limited range of motion (like turning your head side to side) and many other issues.


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